Visor's airborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) products are designed to provide high quality data for scientific and commercial applications. 


Visor's Terrain Mapping Radar (VTMR) is a miniature, multi-band SAR designed for small aircraft applications. It  provides high quality data for terrain mapping in all weather conditions. It includes ControlScope control software that provides a Windows-based graphical user interface through which remote users can control, collect, display, and record signal data from a remote PC. It also includes MPSI, a fully-featured ground control software with an intuitive graphical interface.

Three Frequency Options

The L-Band system provides high-resolution imagery in a package that is easily mounted on small aircraft.  It is ideal for terrain mapping and for assessing damage to man-made structures caused by natural disasters.

The X-Band system offers precision detection of small objects from large standoff distances. It operates at the frequencies commonly used for general purpose terrain and ice mapping.

The P-band system is ideal for applications that require foliage or ground penetration in dry soil conditions.

VTMR block diagram.png




  • Terrain mapping and classification

  • Surveillance and change detection

  • Pipeline and power line routing


  • Coastal mapping

  • Ship detection

  • Fishing enforcement


  • Crop and soil monitoring

  • Timber management