Visor's Dragonfly survey guidance system is an intuitive guidance tool that helps pilots travel along survey lines accurately and repeatably. Dragonfly provides the operator with two views:


Plan View

The plan view shows a top-down overview of the vehicle location and the survey lines. It is for orienting the operator to the location of the survey lines and for transitioning between lines.

Perspective View

Perspective View

The perspective view provides course guidance to the operator through a series of hoops, which represent the desired survey line.                 


  • Suitable for aircraft, boats, and ground vehicles

  • Support for straight or circular lines

  • A navigation information bar, which includes

    • Current position, altitude, speed and heading

    • Current line name, distance, and bearing

    • GPS accuracy and IMU convergence status

  • On-screen instruments that provide additional information

    • Speed

    • Cross-track error

    • Height error

  • A simulator mode

  • Easy to learn and easy to configure

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