ControlScope provides a Windows-based graphical user interface through which remote users can control data collection hardware to collect, display, and record signal data from a remote PC connected over Ethernet. Users can easily start and stop data collection, select operational modes and parameters, conduct self-tests, and view health and status of the hardware system.  ControlScope displays the received signal data in both time and frequency domains on an easy-to-read, oscilloscope-like display. 


Visor's Wasp is a software application for the control of airborne EO/IR cameras and exploitation of EO/IR video. 

It is designed for surveillance and tracking of stationary and moving targets. It provides dissemination of annotated video and target coordinates to other systems.

Real-Time Video

Wasp provides real-time viewing of EO/IR video on any Windows-based computer or laptop. Video can be recorded for post-mission analysis.

Real-Time Gimbal Control

Use any USB-compatible joystick to steer the camera gimbal. Custom button mapping ensures common operations, such as zooming, focusing and switching between cameras are always at your fingertips. 


Pertinent information, such as target coordinates, target range, gimbal position and gimbal orientation, is overlaid on real-time video. 

Information Sharing

Wasp sends camera telemetry information to other computers on a network. The MPSI ground control station software can show the EO/IR footprint on a moving map display.