Visor's high-performance HF digital receiver features very high dynamic range and precision digital signal processing of RF signals. It includes a tunable digital down converter (DDC) that provides simultaneous 16-bit wideband and 24-bit narrowband data outputs. 

HFDR black70 cropped.png

System Features

  • Very high dynamic range

  • Remote operation, testing, and data transfer via Ethernet

  • Ruggedized packaging, with conduction cooling

  • Standalone or networked array configurations

  • Works with ControlScope remote user interface software

  • Synchronized to an internal or external clock

Operational Modes

  • Frequency range: 6-28 MHz

  • 4 simultaneous data collection channels

  • 3 data collection modes:

    • Wideband: instantaneous bandwidth of 6-28 MHz

    • Narrowband: user-selectable center frequency and bandwidths of 10-500 kHz

    • Raw data sampling

  • Automatic or user-selectable gain control

  • Synchronized to internal or external clock