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Excellence through Innovation

Visor Corporation is an industry-leading R&D company specializing in radar systems design, algorithm development and data processing for commercial and defense applications.

Our team has been developing advanced synthetic aperture radar for over 20 years. Visor is based out of Palo Alto, California.

Our Services

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Radar Systems Design

Our team specializes in end-to-end radar systems design. Visor has expertise in systems engineering, performance analysis, circuit board design, system assembly and field testing and operation.

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Data Analysis & Processing

We excel in many areas of radar data processing, including high-quality image formation, coherent change detection, magnitude change detection, target detection and data flow and organization. Algorithm development and implementation examples include

Visor's Change Detection (CD) processing software enables SAR sensors to detect scene changes, such as vehicle movement or tire tracks, while removing clutter from vegetation.

Clutter Removal
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Visor's GPU-accelerated Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) algorithm instantly detects targets in SAR imagery and disseminates them over Ethernet.

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RFI Filtering
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Software Tool Development

Visor is a premier supplier of user-friendly software tools for mission planning and control for radar systems, including experience with hardware for many remote sensing applications. Areas we have been involved with include

  • Data Acquisition Real-time signal processing and data dissemination

  • GPU programming Multi-GPU programming for time-critical applications

  • Graphical User Interfaces Intuitive interfaces to support radar data collection and analysis

Latest Work